Every single element of planning a wedding carries it's own stress. Anxiety and worry comes from every single angle and to be brutally honest many couples can find it an extremely stressful experience. There are a lot of people to please and pay for. Every couple dreams about a day that ticks all the boxes and naturally in the most cost effective way possible. Weddings are expensive and it can be difficult to know where to draw the line, cut corners or make sacrifices. The best day of your life has genuine potential to put you in debt for longer than you would like to think about.

Being money-savvy when it comes down to your wedding planning is nothing to be embarrassed about. A world where money is no object would be truly magical but it's just not the case for the majority of us. Shopping around for the best deal is completely normal and every single saving ads up. Certain venues have better offers off-peak or mid week. Discount codes can be used on props and extras. Dresses can be bought during sale periods. These are smart things to do and your future self will thank you.


Saving money on your wedding entertainment could actually be a lot simpler than you might have anticipated. Have you considered choosing a great Wedding DJ INSTEAD of a band? Because this is fast becoming the norm for Irish couples who are due to wed.

Booking a great Wedding DJ instead of a band is becoming the preferred option for many couples in recent years and it's easy to see why. When it comes to a wedding band there may be four or five members that come together seven nights a week to entertain wedding couples across Ireland. Four, Five and sometimes more members have to make their way to venues across the country. They must also transport their instruments, sound system, amps and lights. Thousands of euros of equipment, expenses and transport costs. An oblivion of expenses and 4+ members who need to be paid. Hence the astronomical fee that a wedding band requires for your booking. Thousands upon Thousands of Euro for their wedding set at your wedding.

In 2017 the trend has shown many couples are opting out of the wedding band scene and focusing on finding a great Wedding DJ instead. This generation of soon-to-be-wed couples are passionate about music and specific in their requests and desires. They want more than the generic wedding set that is offered to them. The same set that is played seven nights each week at events across Ireland. They crave something unique. Something special. They are also cost conscious and want value for money when it comes to paying for their wedding entertainment.

This is where booking a great Wedding DJ comes in. A really good Wedding DJ has the ability to navigate their way through the wedding based on the specific vibe,

mood and guest preferences. They look upon the wedding as a unique and very special experience rather than ticking a box for the evening. This is a person who knows, appreciates and understands the music from their own generation as well as all of the other decades. It is, in fact, their obsession. Getting it “right” at your wedding is what they live for. Moving with the night and changing the music choices according to the crowd's reaction is thrilling. A wedding band may have formerly been a pub band and there is nothing wrong with that but their set is their set. The crowd's reaction will not change the set.

It's time to get value for money when it comes to your wedding entertainment. Choose a great wedding DJ and get a unique and professional entertainment package for a fraction of the cost. In 2018 a wedding band is absolutely not a necessity.

Take this advice from Siobhan & Ger,  this what they sent me in an email a few days after they got back from their honeymoon.

"We want to thank you for making the wedding night so enjoyable.

We got a lot of strange looks from people (especially our Irish Friends) when we said we were having a DJ only wedding with no band.

I always responded with “you haven’t been to a wedding with our DJ yet”. We were confident when we booked you that you would do a great job, but you actually exceeded our expectations. We are still getting comments from our guests about how great you were, and we were told a good few times that our wedding changed peoples minds about DJ only weddings. We will be forever grateful for the job you did!

The music/entertainment was a very important to us. We wanted to make sure once the meal and formalities were over that everyone could let the hair down and dance the night away! And that’s exactly how it went, the dance floor wasn’t empty at any point. Ger and I enjoyed every song, it was exactly how we wanted it! I could keep going on, but I’ll just leave at that...thank you!